What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Rewarding Opportunities in Crypto CFD Trading

The rapid rise of Cryptocurrencies have attracted the global attention and monies of investors and traders, with the price of Bitcoin escalating from around US$400 to more than US$9,000 in November 2017. Opportunities abound in Crypto trading, if you are able to make the right call in price direction.

While recent worldwide media coverage has brought it into the limelight, it does differentiate itself from traditional currency as we know it. For one, Cryptocurrencies are not central bank regulated, it is not printable, and its prices are unaffected by economic data from any single country in the world. Also, it’s a very new asset class, and not very much of it is well-known or well-publicised.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

It’s a form of digital asset that is designed to be a medium of exchange where strong cryptography is paramount to secure transactions. While there are now many cryptocurrencies on offer, Bitcoin was the first in the market and by far, the most popular and one of the most-traded cryptocurrency currently

It is also known for being an alternative mode of payment for online transactions. However, it is not yet accepted as a conventional currency, in part because it was meant to be free from monetary and governmental interventions or manipulations and it’s based instead on a peer-to-peer internet protocol.

Cryptocurrencies are controlled via a Blockchain transaction database that operates like a distributed public ledger.

The leading Cryptocurrencies of today include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash. Traders have increasingly begin to trade on their prices against conventional currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro and Pound, going either long or short, depending on style of trading and objectives.

Crypto prices can tend to rise and fall in dramatic fashion, at times overnight, and poses considerable risks to any traders, while the opportunities for huge rewards are there, the potential for big losses is ever present too should the price direction go against you.


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