Dashcoin (DSH) Trading Made Easy

Dashcoin (DSH) Trading Made Easy

Trade on price movement amidst the volatility

Dashcoin (DSH) in a Snapshot

  • A digital currency that is created, used and stored digitally.
  • A peer-to-peer decentralised and secure cryptocurrency.
  • Offers increased privacy using PrivateSend.
  • Transactions can happen almost instantly by using the InstantSend service for a cost.
  • Market capitalisation of more than USD1.5 billion.
  • Operates on a self-funding and self-governing model.

*Based on Coinsutra data dated 27 April 2018

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What is Dashcoin?

Dashcoin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency that advocates itself as an electronic version of decentralised cash. Launched by Evan Duffield in January 2014, it was previously know as “Xcoin” and “Darkcoin”, before being renamed as “Dashcoin” on March 25, 2015.

While it was engineered upon Bitcoin’s core code, Dash offers other improvements such as privacy and faster transactions. This is achieved with the help of an unique model involving “Masternodes”. These special nodes allow features such as “PrivateSend” for anonymous transactions and “InstantSend” which completes transactions within 1.5 seconds in exchange for a reward.

Each time a Dashcoin is mined, 10% of the cryptocurrency is allocated towards funding the growth and improvements of the network.

Factors impacting Dash CFD

With its anonymous and untraceable transactions, Dash is also referred to as the privacy coin and has developed an edge over many other cryptocurrencies. It is expected to continually improve its technology and grow a larger user base in the future.

However, it is important to note that the privacy feature may potentially be abused by criminals, making it a target for regulators.


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