Ethereum (ETH) Trading Made Easy

Ethereum (ETH) Trading Made Easy

Trade on price movement amidst the volatility

Ethereum (ETH) in a Snapshot

  • A digital currency that is created, used and stored digitally.
  • Completely transparent, transactions are stored on a giant ledger called the blockchain that can be seen by everyone.
  • Based on an open-source protocol encryption network that is independent of any central authority.
  • Transactions are fast, efficient and secure.
  • Market capitalisation of around USD20 billion*.
  • In excess of 80 million Ethereum in existence.

* Based on Coindesk data dated 17 August 2018

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum has been touted as the ‘World’s Computer’ that can potentially help to decentralize and democratize the existing client-server model which is generally regarded as centralized and concentrated in just a handful of global companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) for instance.

Ethereum, it’s composed of so-called “nodes” that are managed by volunteers from across the globe (hence the notion of a “world computer”).

Ether is the currency that originates from Ethereum and is used to pay for transactions that take place on the Ethereum network and it also serves the purpose of rewarding miners for processing all the data transactions on the Ethereum network. Millions of new Ether coins are created each year but capped at 18 million per annum. As it is, the word Ether and Ethereum are used interchangeably globally.

Factors impacting Ethereum CFD

The price swing of Ethereum is quite similar to conventional currencies and how you can take advantage of it will depend a lot on your trading strategies.

In general, the value of Ethereum tend to ebb and flow with news that surround it, more so if the news in question carries negative connotation. With volatility a given in the Cryptocurrency market, it also means opportunities and also a risk for traders to leverage on its constantly changing prices.

As it is still a relatively new asset in the Cryptocurrency universe, it’s worth the endeavor to keep abreast of news that concerns Ethereum.


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